Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Winter Vacation BOOKED!!

I love Winter! It's probably my favorite season of the year. I don't know if this is because I was raised much of my childhood in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. I have fond memories of the fun we had in the snowfalls that the cold, grey, winter skys gave us. I loved looking into the sky on cold cloudy days. You could always tell if a cloud was a "snow" cloud. They just had a different look to them. Like this:

However, we don't see this too much in South Texas. :( So, every year, we try and take a winter vacation. The past several years we have gone to Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We love this place. It's small, quaint and very family friendly. Plus it's absolutely gorgeous! The town is surrounded by the San Juan National Forest. We rent snow machines and ride in the mountains which I really enjoy. We also go skiing in Wolfcreek and Durango/Silverton. Shops enough to keep the most dedicated shopper busy and people that are genuine. This year we're going to be in Pagosa from January 05 - January 12....Up to this year, I've only let Gracie ski at the resort on some small hills behind the condo. This year, she'll graduate to the 1600' vertical drop Oh yeah!! I just hope she'll hold my hand on the way down. ;)

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