Friday, June 29, 2007

**WARNING** Random Thought Ahead

I've had this on my mind for some time now and though I'm going to just put it out there, I'm not prepared to fully blog on the thought yet. Though I hope to do so soon. Anyway, I look around my world and I see so many people that are just so disinterested in church or anything the church has to offer. I have to ask myself why? What is it about church that people don't want or don't need? I think a great deal but I digress for now. I will leave you with my thought now. Stew over it, wrestle with it. I am.

Here it is, "Church, The Great Disconnect"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

So much has taken place...

In the last few weeks that I don't know where to start.

On June 1st we left Bandera and headed for Texas City, Texas where we now live. We're taking the task of a new church plant in Dickinson, Texas and were very excited about it. After getting our uhaul unloaded into our garage, we headed for Alabama for a week and a half. It was a great visit. We arrive back in Texas City to begin unpacking and settling in our new home and things were going quite nicely. It had been one week in our new home and we had one service in our new church when I got a call from my sister in Alabama telling me our dad had died earlier that morning. I cried. We packed up and headed for Memphis for my dad's funeral. On Sunday, June 24th we buried him. Without going into the long history of the relationship my dad had or didn't have with his seven children I'll just say it was a difficult time. Dad was only 58 years old. We arrived back home on Monday the 25th.

We're trying to get settled in to this new area of ministry that God has called us to but it seems that we just can't get connected like we want to. I know it's only been 2 weeks but I'm anxious to get busy doing what I came here to do. I know God's plan is in place and He's executing it as he has purposed so I have to learn to go with him and be led by him rather than try and jump in front of him. This Sunday will be our second Sunday. I'm excited about it. I have so many things that are stirring in my heart for this church. I know God is going to do so many amazing things in so many lives!

When you pray, can you say a word of prayer for us? Also, could you pray for God's direction for Bayou Community Church? We have come to build a community of believers for him, not ourselves. The new work is a step of faith for us financially. We didn't come to a huge salary. We're trusting God to provide and I'm amazed at how we've seen God do so thus far!

Well, today I've finally got connected back to the Internet and it's funny how much you miss it when it's gone :) I'll be posting much more regularly as things progress here at BCC. By the way, in case I've confused you between Texas City and Dickinson, we live in Texas City, Texas but the church is in Dickinson, Texas about 15 minutes from our home. :)