Friday, June 29, 2007

**WARNING** Random Thought Ahead

I've had this on my mind for some time now and though I'm going to just put it out there, I'm not prepared to fully blog on the thought yet. Though I hope to do so soon. Anyway, I look around my world and I see so many people that are just so disinterested in church or anything the church has to offer. I have to ask myself why? What is it about church that people don't want or don't need? I think a great deal but I digress for now. I will leave you with my thought now. Stew over it, wrestle with it. I am.

Here it is, "Church, The Great Disconnect"


Colin A. Lamm said...

There are so many possibilities to what you ask here. One thing I've been pondering quite a bit is that perhaps people have been hearing too many words but seeing so very little spiritual fruit (reality). This breeds a certain degree of disappointment if not ambivalence.

Shannon said...


I couldn't agree more. Which is why I sense so many good and decent people feel "church" has nothing to offer them. They don't feel as if their lives are any less significant due to an absence of it. What's troubling is that perhaps to a greater extent, they're right.?.?

In our new church plant, I'm trying to come up with real ways to connect people with something greater than just a "church" but to other people and the person of Jesus Christ. You know what they say, talk is cheap. We've done a great job of talking but all the talk has left a bad taste in the mouths of many good and decent people who truly want to connect to something and someone (Jesus) greater than themselves. I truly believe there is a spiritual hunger in people's lives but the church, in many ways, has done a poor job making that connection.

Morehart said...

I feel a lot of it has to do with the people as a whole. There are a lot of people that go to church who are fake. And some churches have taught them to be fake. They go to church to fill their obligation every week and don't go to get filled with the Word of God.

My family and I left a church a few months back b/c we were tired of feeling that if we were to open up to someone with out struggles and hardships that we would not receive help but rather criticism and gossipped about.

Since I have been out of the ministry I have noticed the other side, and was shocked at what I saw. We are all hypocrits, what seperates us are those of us that admit it.

Shannon said...


Sadly what you say is probably more the case than we would like to admit.

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