Monday, October 02, 2006


Many times we create nicknames for our children....It sort of just happens. You call them cupcake, angel, bubba :) or whatever. Some of the nicknames I've dubbed my children are: Grace is, sweetie, princess and baby among others....Chase is, buddy, chaser, bududy(I don't know where or why I came up with this one :O) and champ among others. These are all terms of endearment. What's really cool though is when your child or children create nicknames for you. For the last month or so, Chase has referred to me by a name other than Daddy. Daddykuns. I'm not sure how to even spell daddykuns but that's the way it sounds :) I get a real kick out of hearing him refer to me as daddykuns. I even smile and laugh just writing it out....

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