Monday, October 30, 2006

Getting geared up....

This weekend I'm flying to Lexington, Ky. I have a brother who lives there and he called me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would be willing to come up for a few days. He said he would cover the airfare so I become interested rather quickly :) He has begun attending a church that he is highly excited about. Southland Christian Church to be exact. He knows what we're doing here at LSC so he thought I could get some great ideas by coming up there and going to church with him. It's a good thing I'm all for getting good ideas. I love to see what other ministries are doing and being effective at. LSC is a relatively young church in Bandera with a huge amount of potential. So I'll be flying out this weekend and be gone for 2 weeks.

Part of why I'll be gone for 2 weeks is because I'm going back to my birthplace and where I was raised. I was born in Janesville, Wisconsin and moved to Rockford, Illinois when I was two. My family was in Rockford until I was 13 and we moved to Alabama where much of my family still lives, including my parents. I feel a spiritual call to go back to Janesville and Rockford. In large part for reasons I can't go into in this blog post but I will soon. Suffice it to say, I'm going to go and bury some things for good and visit some places of monumental significance in my life. It was in Rockford at the age of 12 that I began following Jesus. I want to go back to the church and say thank you to Tommy and others who helped me start this wonderful journey! I don't even know if I'll be able to find them but I'm sure going to try. This trip back is going to be, I'm sure, an emotional and spiritual experience for me. I'm so looking forward to it. A pilgrimage of sorts I guess you could say.

I'm going to visit some places where I spent so much time as a kid. I'll probably get in the creek and catch a few crawfish again, I'll park my car and walk the same path from home to school and back to our old home again. I'll visit the same creeks my brothers and I had so much fun fishing in. I'll visit the places where I remember so vividly times of struggle as a family. God has been so faithful and so good to my family that words fail to describe it appropriately.

I'm going to visit El Faro Mexican Restaurant in Chicago...not because I've been there but I've heard others talk about how good the burritos are and there is no distance too far to travel for a good burrito, right?

On the way back to KY, I hope to be able to stop by Granger Community Church for service on Sunday! Wouldn't that be totally sweet?!!? GCC is an amazing church doing amazing things for God!

Well, I'm just getting geared up and can't wait to go back. In going back, I'm going forward!

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