Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm still here Daddy!

In my attempts to lose a bit of weight, I've begun walking/running at night. I do this at night as to reduce the risk of my neighbors seeing me and laughing at me :) Chase, my 4 year old is always asking me if he can go walking with me now. The first time he went with me I instructed him that I would be running and if he couldn't keep up, he would get left behind. Well, this was no problem for him he said. This is the same 4 year old that when asked if he was going to drive the golfball 250 yards responded with a confident, "yes". So we set off and we're running around the block and we get to the corner of our block and he's beginning to fall behind. I'm just jogging, but he's giving it all his little legs would give. As we turn the corner, I'm beginning to lose him. He's about 10 yards or so behind me now. I keep running and Chase keeps trying to catch up. Out of the darkness and quietness of the night as we're both running around our block, Chase says to me, "Daddy, I'm still back here, I can still see you, I'm not going to lose you, Daddy."

When he said this, my heart smiled. It was an aww, he's so cute moment. He was trying his best to keep up with me. He was working double time to make sure I wouldn't lose him in the darkness of the night streets. Where I live in the country, there are no street lights around my gets real dark, real fast. But there he is, running with everything he has to keep up with his long as he could see me, he was safe. Even if I was 30 feet in front of him. Every so often, he would remind me that he was back there and that he wasn't going to lose me, he could still see me.

So I had a thought. I'm much the same way with God, my heavenly Father. He leads me into a place that I'm not familiar with. I've never been here before. It's hard to see and things are a bit dark around me. Things are fuzzy at best. But I must keep going. I can't stop now. I'll lose sight of Him. I can't lose sight of where God is leading me because that could spell disaster for me. He knows the way, I do not. So I keep reminding him that I'm here. I'm still following and I'm not going to let you out of my sight. I know God will not leave me just as I would never leave my son. But God does lead me. I will work to keep up with God as hard as my son worked to keep up with his Daddy. I'll remind Him all the way....."Daddy, I'm still back here, I can still see you, I'm not going to lose you, Daddy."


Donny said...

That is a beautiful story! I loved it!

I have a 6 year old myself. The story you just wrote reminds me a bit of this one that I wrote about a picture of my son. I, like you, related the story of my son to my relationship with God.

Great blog! I've added it to my blog reader so I'll be able to read it as updates are released.

Shannon said...

Thanks Donny! I'm sure just as you do, I find profound truth and relevance in the innocence of what children say. They never cease to amaze me…really. I appreciate that you added me to your blogroll…that means a lot. I’ll return the favor :) Actually, I had seen you on John’s blog and was looking at your blog earlier. Great stuff man!