Thursday, October 26, 2006

Plans, ideas, and crazy thoughts...

My mind is going crazy with plans, ideas and thoughts of how to better promote our church and ministry in rural America. Our Church is located in a rural county in the Hill Country of South Texas just 30 minutes from San Antonio. Our entire city population is only 957 people and our County population is around 22,500 people. Brainstorming on how to reach such a spread out demographic can be quite the task. I know our church is strategically placed where we are. We're in the epicenter of growth. My sister asked if everything was "ok" with me today. She said my countenance looked heavy. I guess I look that way when my mind is going ninety to nothing. I just have so many things going on up there that I'm not sure how to process what's really viable and what's simply crazy, random thinking. Maybe it's the crazy, random thinking that deserves the most attention!

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