Monday, October 30, 2006

Clergy Appreciation Month

October is Clergy Appreciation Month so my church took time last night to honor all the Pastoral Staff. I happen to think that I'm the Lead Pastor of the best church in America. I know some pastors that wouldn't "attend" the church they pastor if they weren't the pastor. I can honestly say, I would! It's a great church with a great vision.

In addition to food and other desserts last night, one of the men in the church, Thomas, baked a very special cake in recognition of the Pastoral Team.

This cake not only looks good, it was delicious. I'm not sure where Thomas learned to bake like this but with no exaggeration, it was the best cake I had ever eaten! It was tops! It was a split chocolate cake with an icing layer in center and oh so moist. I've got a couple of pieces in my fridge....I think they're calling my name :)

Thanks Thomas, you da man!

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