Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Events of my day.....

I got up at 7:00a.m. this morning. I was to go and help a man in my church roof a house. He was short on help so I offered myself. I showed up and began working but about an hour and a half into it, the sky began dumping rain on us. We waited for a bit to see if the rain was going to let up but it appeared it was here to stay. About 10:30, I decided to head to my office to begin preparing for Wednesday church service. On the way, I was feeling kind of hungry. I decided to go into a local Mexican restaurant for an early lunch. I've never gone in this early but my hunger was calling.

I'm in the restaurant and waiting on my carry-out. Burrito Jalisco! mmm....mmm...good! While I was waiting, I man I have known for several years but see very little of came in with his wife. Just a few months ago, he called me and asked if I could counsel with he and his wife. I agreed to meet with them but they never showed up. I never knew why. So I asked him how they were doing today and he responded by saying, "We're doing alot better". I was glad to hear that but not wanting a God Opp (opportunity) to pass by, I asked him if he and his wife were interested in coming to church with me this weekend. He said he wasn't "feeling" it right now. I just said ok, when you do, I'll be there. I didn't pressure him but by the end of our conversation, he told me that his children really wanted to go to church so that was another opp for a quick invite....They're supposed to be in church with me on Sunday. I sure hope so. He walked with the Lord in the past, but sometimes life seems so big and distracting, it's hard to keep up. I'm just hoping, he'll begin "feeling" it again. And start following Jesus again. His life is full of untapped potential for God!

You know, the Bible promises, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord..."
I didn't think alot about getting lunch that early but God did....God knew that this man would be coming in the restaurant with his wife and He planned my steps accordingly.

I truly believe that God brings about opportunities in our lives that many times go unnoticed. Opportunities to help someone, give to someone, smile at someone, touch someone or simply listen to someone. Keep your eyes peeled for these valuable opps! If you're not continuously looking for them, they'll easily pass you by.

Wouldn't that be tragic...?

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