Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Practice what you preach!

Isn't it just like God to put what you preach to the test immediately after you've preached something? Tonight I spoke on the subject, "Circumstantial Living Leads to Circumstantial Worship". Many times we allow our circumstances to determine our level of praise we give to God rather than the simple fact He is God and He deserves it. My overarching theme was to never let our circumstances rule over our praise but to let our praise rule over our circumstances. Well, I need to practice what I preach, here's why....

We have our Annual Hallelujah Festival coming up in less than a week so I ran a $90 ad in our local paper to advertise the event. The problem is, I stopped in a service station on the way home from church to view our ad but to my surprise, the ad isn't in the paper. Now I must admit, this sudden circumstance worked on my frustration side real quick. We've put a lot of money into this event to make it a huge success and advertising it to draw as large a crowd as possible. I had a choice to make. Will my attitude be sour or sweet? I choose sweet. I'm going to take this in a matter of praise. I'm thanking God that He's greater than the paper and that He can spread the word of this outreach event better than any paper could. I'm believing for a great turnout, even greater than what may have come with the aid of a newspaper ad. God be praised!

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