Saturday, August 26, 2006

What a day

Yesterday was a long day but it was fun! I played 27 holes of golf. By the end of the day I was exhausted! My 2 nephews, Zack and Adam, a friend at church, Levi and Myself played in an Honor Bound Men's Ministries Golf Tournament yesterday in Comfort, Texas. We didn't win but it was a lot of fun. I think our final position was 7th place. At the end of the tournament they gave away door prizes. Zack won a brand spanking new TaylorMade R7 Driver!! This driver is $400.00 retail and they gave like 2 of them away along with other fairway woods made my TaylorMade. He was very happy!! I would have been too. His winning ticket number was 249 and mine was close but yet so far away. Well, when he won his new Taylor Made driver he immediately went to his golf bag and removed his trusty and faithful Titleist driver and gave to Levi who had never really had a "good" driver to play golf with. Now Levi was pumped! It was pretty cool to see. Me, I won a Taylor Made hat and a bag of golf tees....not quite as exciting as a $400.00 driver but I was content non-the-less. My Father-in-law and Bro-in-law were on the same team and their team scored -9 under par. They played very well. My team finished +4 over par. Can't wait til the next time..we will crush them!!! Probably not :)

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