Thursday, August 17, 2006

I didn't wear a coat and tie!

I didn't even wear a tie tonight at church! I loved it! I get so tired of wearing a suit everytime I go to church. Who said preachers had to do that anyway? I'd like to talk with that person :) I told my wife tonight that I'm going to begin purchasing a new "church" wardrobe.

Suits are not on the list!


Reggie said...

This is a big step. I haven’t worn a suit in years. I have just one suite now for a formal state funeral maybe. I didn’t get invited to Ronald Reagan’s funeral so it most likely out of style.

My business used to dictate a suit as a must wear. Now maybe a blue blazer or tweed jacket in the winter with an open collar.

Save your money on suits and dry cleaning.

Alyssa said...

My husband and I just switched churches and were very excited to find jean wearers a majority in this new one.

It's a weird feeling though - I've been wearing a skirt anyway - Some habits are so hard to break.