Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's nice to be thought of!

It was a Birthday celebration in my honor tonight after church. I'll be turning 34 on the 31st of this month. It was nice and very appreciated. Every time we have a "food fest" at my church you're sure to come away having been fed some delicious food! I always over eat too...that doesn't help matters either :) There is a need in all of us to feel like we're appreciated and thought of on "our" special day. From the youngest of us to the eldest. We all want to know we're thought of. I really appreciate the efforts of all involved in tonight's events! I pastor a great church!

On a side note.....Kids say the darndest things (is that a word?) . Anyway, we had pulled into the drive way and our kids, Grace and Chase had been out yesterday (Saturday) riding their bikes and Chase on his "big wheel". Well, I was too lazy to go out last night and put them in the garage before I went to bed so they sat outside all night. When I left for church this morning I thought, "I need to put those up" but I was too lazy to do it then as well. So, when we get home tonight, Chase begins to push Gracie's bike toward the front door and Tiffany, Grace and myself all have our hands full trying to bring dishes and gift bags into the house. The problem with this is, Chase in on the side walk leading to the front door with Gracie's bike. He's sort of in the way. I'm trying to maneuver my way around him and doing quite well I might add. Grace however is not. She begins to get frustrated with her little brothers lack of concern that we're all waiting on him to get out of the way so we can proceed up to the front door. Grace is 7 and Chase is 4......Grace is telling Chase, NO, leave the bike alone we need to get in the house....NO Chase! Move! CHASE!! GET OUT OF THE WAY! Chase! Don't you understand the meaning of the word NO?!?

Without a moments hesitation Chase responds................................................NO!
I loved it!

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