Thursday, August 10, 2006

.........And we're off!

So, here is the first of many posts on my newly created bLoG! I think I'm going to enjoy this immensely! There is an aspect of freedom in blogging..Being a blogster, writing a BLOGography everyday.....Or so :) Nonetheless, I will write what is true to me and of what is supreme in my life. I'll take you on a journey you will pay nothing for. Introduce you to my thoughts that I struggle to contain. I will not set out to impress but strive to connect. Connect with what is true in all of us. That all of us are unique, gifted and treasured by God! I won't preach here, (too much) I do that at church. I will write and be free in my writing; asking myself hard questions. Questions perhaps that have no certain answer but allow my mind to run un-hindered even in the absence of an answer.

Yes, I think I'm going to like this aLoT!

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smithpakc said...

great job! Looking forward to this