Monday, January 01, 2007


I've been tagged by Jamie Swann who was tagged by John Smulo who was tagged by, well I don't know. I really think John invented this game :). The rules of this game are, once "tagged", you then share 5 things about yourself that others may not already know. I've never been tagged before so I'm enjoying this little game. For those readers who know me well, I bet I may surprise you with some things you don't know about me. :-)

5 things about me:

  • I am the 6th child of 7 and coming from such a large family, I really feel blessed. Life hasn't always been easy for us but I have no regrets.
  • I think I could have been a professional fighter. Having trained with 2 of my brothers in TaeKwonDo for several years, who still teach it professionally, I love to fight and consider myself a good fighter. I love the feeling of a well connected hit, nothing like it!
  • I live in the "Cowboy Capital" of the world but am not a Cowboy. When I say, I'm not a Cowboy, I mean I don't Rodeo. I have the boots, hats and Wranglers, but real Cowboys Rodeo, right?
  • My wife and I became the Lead Pastors of our first Church in 1998 when we were only 25 and have experienced many successes that few "first time" pastors enjoy. This January 25th will mark our 9th year. This is not a testament to us but rather it is a testament to God and his goodness!
  • Up until this past fall, I hosted my own game server for Call of Duty 2. I built -=SNIPERFIRE=- from the ground up and it remains one of the best servers in all of CoD2. The server is now managed by the various members who all joined my server since it's inception in December of 2005.
There it is, there are bound to be some things listed that even those who know me well didn't know :). In keeping of the tradition of "tag", I now tag 5 people.

If you're tagged here, I didn't just pick names out of a hat; you are someone I would be interested in hearing more about. :) So, TAG, you're IT!


John Smulo said...

I'm innocent, I didn't start anything! Lots of interesting info, thanks for sharing.

Happy New Year's!

Shannon said...

Happy New Year to you and yours too John!

Colin Lamm said...

I was initially tagged on December 22nd when I then tagged you. I didn't realize at that point that you were away.

Is one of the hazzards of the game getting tagged twice, or more? If so, I'll have to really think hard . . .

Shannon said...

lol I had no idea you tagged me :-)