Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Doomsday Looming?

I read an article earlier today and thought I'd post on it. I'm intrigued by what I read coming from Iran and Iranian President Ahmadinejad. The president of a country about to go nuclear is confirmed as a very vocal believer in the coming apocalypse. Like Judaism and Christianity, Shiite Islam has its own version of the messianic return -- the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam. Shiite Islam believes that the coming of the Twelfth Imam will happen before America's next Presidential Election or some have been quoted as saying. After his U.N. speech in September of last year, Ahmadinejad was caught on videotape telling a cleric that during the speech an aura, a halo, appeared around his head right on the podium of the General Assembly. "I felt the atmosphere suddenly change. And for those 27 or 28 minutes, the leaders of the world did not blink. . . . It seemed as if a hand was holding them there, and it opened their eyes to receive the message from the Islamic Republic."

This man is a certifiable lunatic bent on Israel's complete annihilation and America's total ruin. I happen to believe the Lord's return is imminent and I wonder if these events taking place around our world are largely overlooked by Jesus-followers and the Church as just another news story of little significance. What do you think?


Colin Lamm said...

I have never been a big fan of Tim LaHaye, Hal Lindsey, or any of the other big hyper-apocalyptic money makers. I do however, think that you are on to a significant point when you mention the surge of Islamicism in the modern era, as it relates to the ultimate fulfillment of Christian prophecy and the return of Christ. Do not, though, ask me for details - I'm definitely not as clever that way as the aforementionned pundits.

Shannon said...


I'm not a fan at all of the authors you mention either...on our way to Colorado, we rented a book on CD by Tim LaHaye. I didn't even know who he was until my wife told me. Anyway, about an hour into the CD, I turned it off because I just couldn't get into it. I am however very interested in what's going on in the world as it relates to Islam and the "WEST" as we're often dubbed. Again, I just wonder if these events are passed off by most Christians as having no real impact on the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy and end time events. A large part of me fears it may be so.

Ari said...

I don't really care about the "end times" stuff to be honest. God is at work in the here and now and that's where I live. People have pointed to world events and said "the end is nigh" ever since the day after Jesus ascended to heaven (pretty much) so, call me a cynic, but I don't really put much stock in correlating world events with Christ's return. plus, I'm not a pre tribber so none of it really fits my theology anyway :)

Shannon said...


Thanks for commenting.

I hear what you're saying and I understand your position. Surely you would agree that there must be some importance placed on "end times" as Jesus even instructed us to know the times and seasons of such. I agree that from the time of His ascension, people have been "looking" for His retrun and rightfully so. I believe the disciple believed very firmly that His return would be in their lifetime. That could likely be said for every generation thereafter. Acknowledgment of the "end times" isn't only for the Jesus-Follower, but I think it should help us to understand there is still work to do. The night comes when no man shall work. Being mindful that one day will be the last day should motivate us beyond our own living to help someone else find Jesus. The reality is, on that day, it will be too late for some.

Ari said...

I think the amt. of emphasis you put on the "signs" verses has to do with your eschatology views. I think it's fine to say that Jesus is returning and it's an important part of the grand narrative...because that's true. I'm just not sure how accurate our interpretations of the "signs" are and everyone so far has been wrong ;) so it leads me to believe that perhaps Jesus had something else in mind when talking about the signs and being prepared.

Ari said...

clarification: everyone in history has been wrong when they have said that "this is the year" or "Jesus is coming soon because of xyz". Because we're still here. And they can't use the excuse of "soon could be in 100 years" because that's a cop out. I just don't see the purpose of putting much effort or energy into that stuff.

Shannon said...

I concur.

Perhaps the best way to view the Lord's return is:

Mat 24:44
Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.