Sunday, January 28, 2007

Have we forgotten anything?

How do we connect to Christ? There is but one way, the Cross. The cross is the connection point between us and God. If this connection point is done away with, there is no other alternative.

Has the reality of the cross and our utmost need for it lost it's place in our Traditional, Emergent and Missional minds? Sometimes I fear this is the case. We're trying to figure out a way to get to God without the traditional church system, we're trying to lead people to Christ via their own "personal" journey but have we forgot to lead them by the way of the Cross? This video is interesting in considering that question. David over at "In Rejection of Mediocrity" has produced a video with this in mind.


glenn said...

The lack of an emphasis on evangelism in the emerging/missional world is a concern. There is a lot of emphasis on the Kingdom of God being here and now which is good and true. There is also an emphasis on restoration of all of God's creation. Also, good. I know that this lack of evangelism is a reaction to manipulative and mechanical evangelistic methods. Yet without redemption, there is no restoration.

Shannon said...


Well said. How do we put an emphasis on evangelism in the emerging/missional world as you see it?

Jason said...

But what is "evangelism" - The great commission? There are plenty of theologians out there that say the great commission was directed to the disciples then specifically.

Now granted, I am not saying we dont try to reach out to those who dont know Jesus personally. But the key is how we do it. We do it through love, not through scaring them into salvation. And not through "Jesusland" products either.

The point for me isnt evangelism like going door to door and handing out tracks. The point is relationships and love. Evangelism must never judge either, and unfortunately when I hear that word "evangelism" in today's church, I am afraid I hear judge, condemn, and stuff Jesus down their throats.

Jesus never said follow him or go to hell...why does the church?

And what about Grace? We all seem to forget Grace is a free gift correct? And there is NOTHING we do to attain Grace by anything we do.

Erwin McManus in a recent podcast teaches on is Jesus the only way. Very interesting thoughts on that. I would highly recommend it.

In the end Jesus is the only way to truly live, but if God's grace covers all, then who are we to judge that?

Shannon said...


I agree that God's grace is a free gift and there is nothing we can do to ever earn it. The height of that gift of grace was Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. I think the Bible is abundantly clear that Jesus is the only way. Like any "free" gift, one has to accept that gift before it can be of any usefulness to their lives. Love is definitely the key to evangelism and judgment and condemnation must never be in the mix. Judgment and condemnation are God's work which will be played out when all is said and done.

Glenn said...

Shannon and Jason,

Lately, I really struggle with evangelism.

I know that we have put the emphasis on "come and hear" and that we need more "go and show."

Here is the question: "What is a follower of Christ?" My off-the- cuff answer: "He is someone who has given up on efforts of self-reformation and trusts Christ and the redemptive nature of his death to provide forgiveness, grace, and a new trajectory for his life."

Doesn't that mean that a person comes to understand his need of Christ and the meaning of what he accomplished, and respond in faith?

I believe that verbal evangelism must be in the context of a relationship and a lifestyle of love and grace.

Shannon said...


I agree with with your thoughts here. The best evangelism isn't the words we say or the dogma we hold to be truth but rather the life we live out in faith in God because of what Christ has done for us all.