Friday, January 26, 2007

Love Wins

That's what is on my t-shirt today. I got this t-shirt last year when I, along with my youth pastor and some of the teenagers of Living Springs went on a weekend missions trip to Mexico last year. We'll be going again in just about a month. Love Wins was the theme of the outreach invasion. Every time I put this t-shirt on and I read those words, Love Wins, it puts me in a great frame of mind. When I'm wearing it and others see it, I notice they'll read the words, look up at me, read the words again and simply pass by. Others will say, I like your shirt. Whatever the case may be, Love Wins, gets your mind to thinking. If you're being treated badly, Love Wins. If your the recipient of hate speech, Love Wins. If you're sharing Jesus with someone who seems they couldn't be any less interested, Love Wins. If you are hating on someone today, Love Wins. If someone is getting on your last nerve, Love Wins. If your children are being *brats*, Love Wins. :) To live out our lives with this as our motto would go a long way in promoting peace of mind, relationships, positive attitudes and the list goes on.

So, if you're having a bad day thanks to someone or something else or even yourself remember, Love Wins.

p.s. Did I mention...Love Wins? :=)


John Lunt said...

Love Wins. Great T-Shirt. We need that reminder on a regular basis. "Love Never Fails."

But I don't know... the guy on my last nerve....... :-)

Shannon said...

Hey John,

Thanks for stopping in :) That guy on the last nerve...Yeah I don't know if we can do anything with him ;)

glenn said...


I have a mini bumper (window) sticker with those words on the ole Ford. That simple message is so important and so easily forgotten that I violated my decades old "no bumper sticker" rule.

I enjoy your site.

Thanks for the link to "redreeming."


Shannon said...


Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I have a bumper sticker as well but somehow it got stuck to my refrigerator. :)

I was glad to add you as I enjoy your site as well. :)

Jason said...

Got to love networking of blogs...found you via my good friend Glenn...anyways, good post.

I love when Rob Bell said in the sermon this came from, "and to the person who thinks he knows it all, Love wins for him too..." ha ha that was funny..

I was listening to a teaching from Erwin McManus yesterday and he noted for a life that is supposed to be about Love Wins, and at its center should always be love, isn't it amazing Christianity is seen as the people that hate and judge? He noted that the majority of letters he deals with has to do with who's going to heaven or hell. And it always seems that the Christian is the one to quickly say well if they dont have Jesus in their heart they are doomed to hell. Interesting thoughts that the people who should love regardless usually judge regardless.

This past weekend at the Isnt She Beautiful conference, Rob noted well that Jesus and/or God was harshest on those who judged. Especially in the Gospels, Jesus couldnt stand the people who judged. Very interesting stuff.

The best part about the Love Wins message is that is makes the most sense if you truly want to follow Jesus.

Shannon said...


Welcome and thanks for that great comment on this topic. I'm a bit envious of you for being at the conference at Mars Hill. :) I'll bet it was awesome!

Yes it would seem that many Christians are quick to draw a hard line of heaven and hell. Jesus often spoke of hell but he did so with love and compassion; something that is most often missing when many evangelicals address the issue.

Love Wins!