Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just thinking....

Monday I went to the hospital to pray with Kenneth, a man that recently began attending my church as he was having surgery to have his left leg amputated from the knee down. He's suffering from Diabetes.

After I came home from the hospital I began reading through my daily blog reads and found out that Colin, a blogging friend, was dealing with some very serious health issues as well.

Kenneth and Colin both gave me a great deal to think about. Here is a man that is loosing part of his leg and another that is seriously ill and they both are praising God, giving thanks, encouraging others, and concerned about others. This is the mark of a real relationship with Jesus because even in the worst of situations His joy still fills their hearts and His praise is still on their lips.

It makes me wonder why I complain sometimes when things aren't going just right for me. How selfish! Right? I mean there is so much going on out there in other peoples lives that it makes me ever wonder why I would even raise the "why" question to God. Kenneth, Colin and others like them are testaments to God's goodness and they are a true encouragement to us all!


Colin Lamm said...

My wife and I just happened upon your site because of the link you made with my blog. The truth is, I have had some hard times where I have asked the question 'why?'

I get frustrated, not being able to remember people's names, how to write properly and doing simple things. But even in the darkest times when I'm most scared and confused, God gives me bible verses and songs that remind me of His goodness!

Thank you for your very nice words that encourage me a lot!

From 'Colin' (as dictated to my wife)

Shannon said...


I'm still praying for you and looking forward to when we can start interacting via our blogs again :)

Stay strong and keep confidence in God!