Monday, December 18, 2006

It all started with a .10 cent RC Cola

This past Friday and Saturday my family and I were at my wife's Grandparent's house for an early Christmas celebration. This is an annual gathering of family and friends the week before Christmas. We always have great fun, food and the company of each other.

This year, as Grandma and Grandpa were opening their gifts, something special happened. Earlier in the day, Grandpa shared the story on how all this happened, that is, how the family came to be what it is today. He started by saying, "It all started with a .10 cent RC Cola". He went on to say that while at the skating rink in their youth, Grandma was ordering an RC Cola and Grandpa decided to pay for the drink which cost him a staggering .10 cents. As I understand it, this was the point when their friendship began and it has lasted through 56 years of marriage. Well, when Grandma was opening one of their gifts, she found an antique bottle of Royal Crown Cola and a note from one of her grandsons. In short, he said in the note that he had remembered Grandpa sharing this story on a few occasions and with a little math be was able to conclude that this would have likely been the type of bottle Grandpa purchased that day at the skating rink. He wished for them that every time they looked at this bottle they would remember that day and the significance of the past 56 years of marriage. It was a touching tribute and I'm not sure all of the ladies weren't crying in the room and all of us men weren't holding back the tears. Later I told my wife that I was very close to letting a tear or two was truly a special moment that I'll remember for a long time.

I was sitting next to Grandpa when this was happening and after a moment or two of silence, he slapped me on the knee and said, "Well, what do you think about all this?" I replied, "I'm just glad to be part of it somehow."

It all started with a .10 cent RC Cola and I truly am just glad to be part of a such a wonderful legacy as Grandma and Grandpa Click have established in our family.


Dave said...

Sometimes it can be the smallest and most insignificant thing that can turn one's life in a huge lifetime of blessings!

Have a great Christmas!

Shannon said...


Hi and thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was just at your blog and read your post on "My Parents & I". It was very touching.

I agree, the smallest of things, though often overlooked, many times yield the greatest rewards!