Saturday, December 09, 2006

Don't be shy, tell us how you REALLY feel...

I came across a website today that really got me thinking. It's a site dedicated to Ex Christians. I warn you in advance, if your sensitive and tend to wear feelings on your sleeves, don't click HERE.

I came across a post on their forums board titled:
Christianity Is...

... the imagination stifler.

... the anxiety provoker.

... the community fracturer.

... the chain letter.

... the mind virus.

... a new kind of fear.

... the energy sapper.

... the mind churner.

... the emotional self-destructor.

... the ghost story.

... the macabre horror story.

... the ghoulish bad news.

... the dysfunction generator.

... the obsession mill.

... the light shrouder.

... the star quencher.

... the culture wiper.

... the myth slayer.

... the joy quencher.

... the creeping shadow.

... the deadening infection.

... the brain cancer.

... crap.

A fairy tale.................

for those who cannot bear to hear the truth.............

for those afraid to think...........

for those afraid to work towards self-awareness...........

for the weak minded who can easily believe in fantasies..............

for those happy with vapid platitudes in place of the answers to questions that mean so much to life.................

for those happy to take truth and force it into categories of their own design....................

...a bunch of promises and excuses. of several forms of morontheism

...Bigoted. Really, really, bigoted.

...regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

Does the above really describe Christianity? It's important to remember that the vast majority of the people on this site are Ex-Christians turned Atheist. They no longer even believe there is a God. What happened that caused them to walk away from their faith? Was Christianity so bad? Christianity is based on the person of Jesus Christ and the word of God. You know, when I was younger, I used to ask myself this question. How has believing in Jesus ever hurt anyone? Well, I still ask that question and I still don't have a satisfactory answer either. I guess it's all in WHO you ask the question too, isn't it? Reading this kind of thing makes my heart break because I know the love that God has for each of these people and for whatever reason, they've given up on it. This should motivate us who do serve Jesus to live as we should so that we would never be the "stumbling block" which causes another to lose faith in Jesus Christ!

God Forbid!


Colin Lamm said...

There are some posts that people do that cause thoughts to take place that warrant more thought - prior to responding. When I first read this post yesterday morning I had such a mixed bag of thoughts that I knew it would all come out in one big jumbled mess if I ventured an attempt to comment then.

As in most things there are varying ways of looking at this group. Some definitely have legitimate concerns. I have never been to the point of giving up on God (in fact that smacks of complete immature junior high - or even kindergarten behaviour), but have definitely been tempted to give up on certain 'people of God' (and I'm sure, at times, I've been one of those people in others eyes). The fact that people can be frustrated to the point of wishing God away . . . that should definitely make us think.

If we are truly a reflection, by the power that works in us, of God's glory on the earth, and this is impression we leave of God . . . ouch!

Shannon said...


Your comments give a hint to my next post. After yesterday services, I began thinking on the question of why do some people quit on God. I say quit on God because God doesn't quit on us...