Thursday, December 07, 2006

Everybody's got a Story

The more blogs I read and the more people I talk with I see this prevailing truth in it all. Everybody's God A Story! This is something that I've come to really work on in my personal walk. That is to learn about others and the stories of their lives that they are willing to share. People are amazing and if we'll just listen to their words, we'll hear their heart. It's become an active part of my thinking now when talking with someone. I'm actually "interested" in what they're sharing because I see the value of what they're telling me. I know you've never done this, "While listening to someone share something about themselves, you're mind is on picking your dry-cleaning up." Right? I know you're not guilty of such things as I am. :-)

There is so much hurt in peoples lives that when they do open up and disclose some personal information to us, we should be very attentive and interested in what they are sharing. After all, they wouldn't be sharing such things with you if they didn't feel a connection of some sort with you. It's easy to think our story trumps and thereby minimize the story of others. To them, their story is just as important as yours...and guess what, it is! Everyday we have the opportunity to listen to some one's story. At least whatever part of the story they're offering us.

I received a call last week from a gentlemen that just needed someone to talk with. I arrived at his house and we sat in his kitchen and just talked. He began to share some personal things with me about his life and how he was struggling at this particular time in his life. I didn't offer to share with him my story, because he didn't need to hear "my story". He simply needed someone to hear his. That's all. Nothing more and nothing less. Just sit down and listen to where I am at in this place of my life. I'm struggling and I'm hurting. I just need someone that will listen to me. By the time I left, he said, "Thank you for coming out and talking to me, I feel much better now." The truth is, I said very little but that was just enough. I drove 30 min one way to listen to a gentlemen share his story. It was the best use of my time that day!

There will be many opportunities to share our story, but let's be aware of the fact that everybody has a story and they're all worth hearing! I will leave you with this challenge. Find someone who is willing to share their story and just listen!


Colin Lamm said...

Hello Shannon,

You've got a lot of great posts here that I see I have missed out on over the past week. I read back as far as "What I love about Church".

This most recent post is one that is very challenging. Too often this past year I have allowed my current circumstances to eclipse the life struggles of others as they have attempted to share their story with me. In the past many used to comment on my listening abilities. Unfortunately, lately I realize this has not been the case. Thank you for posting this reminder and challenge.

If you don't mind I'm going to add your site to my "frequent ventures" link so I don't miss out any more.

Shannon said...


I think we all struggle with the same things from time to time. Life is busy, difficult, consuming, demanding and so it's easy to maximize our story while minimizing others. I know, I've been there and have to make an effort not to purposely get there again.

I would be honored to be added to your "frequent ventures" link...Thanks :)