Friday, December 01, 2006

Community Christmas Dinner

On the 17th of this month we'll be hosting our 1st Annual Community Christmas Dinner. This dinner is another way that we are extending ourselves to the community in which we live. There will be no charge and we won't be "preaching" to them, we'll just eat, laugh and get to know them and they'll get to know us. I'm praying for a great turn out and that we'll be able to show the community that we really do care about them and their families. Also on this night we'll be doing our Angel Tree Outreach. Every year we contact the Elementary Schools in our area and gather names of families that may be interested in participating in this event. We'll take the children's information and families in our church will "adopt" these children for Christmas. We purchase them gifts and give those to them on this night. It's really a great opportunity to bring the church and real people in our community together! It's a great time to not only say we love them but to show them in a tangible way.

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