Saturday, September 23, 2006

I gave it up!

Well, I've finally finished the migration away from Call of Duty2. This was the game server I hosted for quite some time. If you know anything about hosting a game server, you know they demand a lot of your time. They are very time consuming. Add to that a full service website with a highly active forums and you have even more demand on your time. When I first started hosting the game, I loved it! It was great. But after some time, it begins to eat up ALL of your time. For me, that's dangerous. I have way to many other things I want/need to do. So, I resigned my clan/server and left it in the capable hands of the members. Out of 7000+ plus servers, my server -=SNIPERFIRE=- had been ranked 167! That's not bad! We've switched all the databases out of my hosting account, switched the game account and transferred all of the files via FTP so I am officially done! I am so relieved too. Now I will have the opportunity to do what I love the most. Give more of myself to God's purposes for my life. Sometimes in life we involve ourselves with things that don't really point to our goals, whatever those goals may be. Sometimes we need to look at where we are headed and make decisions as to whether or not it's the right direction. For me, the game server was not. It would never bring me to a completion of my life's goals. Only God can do that so I must remove those things that I willingly involve myself with that hinder that movement rather than assist in the movement. Here's the thing. When we are caught up in doing something that really isn't what we are about, eventually it begins to leave a bad taste in our mouth. It begins to reveal itself as a time thief. Time is a finite resource, we should use it wisely :)

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