Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Christmas Wish List...

Every year my kids will write out a Christmas Wish List. Because Chase is only 4 and hasn't learned to write yet, Grace will write down whatever he tells her to. Inevitably, Grace will have a list of about 20 or so things while Chase will have a list of about 2 things. I'm not quite sure how that works yet.

I haven't made a Christmas Wish List since I was just a boy but this year I think I'll slip into child mode and wish. Who knows, it may just come true!

~Shannon's 2006 Christmas Wish List~
  1. That the birth of Jesus be remembered and celebrated in my heart and family!
  2. That I can share this wonderful gift with someone else.
  3. That the idea of getting would be dismissed from my mind and the desire to give would fill my heart.
  4. That I would cherish every moment of enthusiastic surprise when my children open their gifts!
  5. That our Community Christmas Dinner and Angel Tree Outreach would change the way some in my community view church and Christians.
  6. That when the "Season" is past, I'll continue to celebrate!

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