Thursday, November 02, 2006

Joust Challenge= $300.00

At our Hallelujah Festival on Halloween night, the event was almost concluded when a gentleman in my church challenged me to a jousting match. You know those inflatable jousting thingys...anyway, I couldn't refuse a challenge, could I? Especially when he stated that for every time I knocked him off his stand, he would give the church $100.00. When he said this, I was ready to rumble!!

It was best out of five. He knocked me down the first time and I thought, oh no, I just lost 100.00 for my church!! The next time he went down. I think he "fell" down cuz I didn't even touch him :). The next two falls would be all his as I knocked him down for a total of three times. I'm not convinced that he didn't let me win the matches but either way it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it! Not to mention, the church got $300.00 for it. The best $300.00 the church ever received!

He is quite a guy and I enjoyed the challenge!

Anyone wanna joust?


John Smulo said...

That's a great story! More churches need people like that :-)

Shannon said...

I concur! I love the fact that he came up with a creative way in which to donate to the church that night! I love creativity in all shapes and sizes! Even if it means beating me with a joust stick! :)

jozlin said...

Thats awesome...sorry I missed it. I worked that night...but hey I'll be there Sunday.

Shannon said...

Hey Jozlin! I figured you were working. I'd would say I'll see you Sunday but I'm flying out Saturday afternoon. I'll be gone for 2 weeks. So, I'll cya when I get back! Take Care!