Saturday, November 25, 2006

Is The Bible Central To All Life's Problems?

  • Is there a place that exists in our world, communities, or lives where the Bible has little or no effect?
  • Is there such a problem in existence that the Bible does not have the answer for?
  • Do Christians put too much or too little emphasis and reliability on God's written word?
There is an interesting article by Rusty Benson that I ran across today at

I for one have always held that the Bible is the ultimate answer for the ultimate problem. Throughout the ancient text we can find every problem that has ever been known to man.


Wrapped in these 4 one can easily conjure up a host of dilemmas that we all have dealt with at some point in our existence. I know many Pastors who have sought out Professional Counseling to help them deal with personal issues. As a matter of fact, they openly encourage other Pastors to do the same. I haven't, yet. :) I don't think it's wrong to seek such help, I just don't understand it I guess. I think the Bible has answers to life's problems and if sought for, we will find the answer. I know I have had my fair share of problematic issues in life. However, I have always been able to go to God's word and get the strength, encouragement, desire, understanding, etc...that I needed.

"A lot of Christians seem to think that the Gospel is good for all the normal troubles of life, but when you get to the real complicated stuff, you need a more precise science." ~Tim Lane (CCEF)

What say you?


Colin Lamm said...

Just a few thoughts:

I guess a lot of this comes down to how people use the bible in such cases. For instance, do many "followers of Jesus" use the Bible in the same way as a home health guide? If this is the approach (and I'm sure you've seen it) people look in the concordance under certain headings and use the Bible prescriptively on their particular issue. In some (though definitely not all) cases this is a very valid approach.

But some of the Biblical text takes discernment and wisdom to understand. One cannot simply take one small verse in one part of the bible and use that authoritatively outside of the context of the whole book. What's more, the Bible, as an example, didn't specifically deal with the issue of abortion or stem cell research and so it takes great wisdom and discernment to apply the basic teachings of Scripture to these issues (and others like them).

There is often more of a gracious fluidity to the Scriptures than some would like to admit. But on the other hand there is also more of a rigidity on some issues than many others would care to acknowledge.

Often the sciences can help us flesh out the intricacies of the issues. The Word, however, should always govern the conclusions drawn. This is such an important issue to discuss. Thank you for stirring this pot!

Shannon said...


Thanks for your comments.
You bring up an important thought in my mind.

You said, "But some of the Biblical text takes discernment and wisdom to understand. One cannot simply take one small verse in one part of the bible and use that authoritatively outside of the context of the whole book."

This is so true. I was just talking to a gentleman in my church the other day that was doing just that. Though what he was saying was true, there was much more in the context of scripture to draw from but it was never accessed.

In the arena of science, I feel that science helps us to better understand and thereby appreciate more who God is and what He has done. Many feel science is contrary to God and Biblical Theology but I happen to believe it greatly enhances my understanding of God.

I'm not so sure that an accurate understanding of all that God has done and the magnitude of His greatness can be received without some fundamental understanding of science; even the smallest scientific discoveries points to the greatness of God!

This is why I love exploration because it always leads to discovery! I certainly don't pretend to understand God, but I am most definitely exploring Him and every-so-often I'm lucky enough to make a discovery of His person....I think God smiles when His children discover Him in new ways!

Jamie Swann said...


Interesting questions, that I've picked up on my blog. Authority of Scripture is something that I have been thinking about alot lately. I really like N. T. Wright's assertion that must not forget the it is God's authority excercised through Scripture.

Shannon said...


Very good point! Acknowledging the fact that God inspired the scripture takes the pressure off us to make it the cure all...He did that. I hold firm to the truth that the word of God is the Rule of life by which we must measure ourselves and our situations.